Instrumental and Curriculum Lessons

Cmp  will be able to offer school based group instrumental lessons from January 2015. These will initially be offered in Keyboards and Brass.

The benefits of group teaching are numerous and include
1. Pupils are able to boost learning by encouraging each other thus motivating practice ready for the next lesson.
2. Increased learning takes place by watching and helping others in the group.
3. A group lesson provides a ready-made audience. This fun social interaction develops confidence so they are ready to play to the whole school in end of term assemblies and productions.
4. A group lesson provides opportunities for developing the pupils ensemble skills
5. Group teaching is more affordable for students because lesson costs are split between the group. This makes music lessons accessible to a wider range of people.
6. Music is about playing with and in front of other people.

If we are working in your child’s school you may reserve a place here.

From the end of 2014 you may make a payment here.

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